Notifications and teams

Greetings. My company decided to make a whole bunch of teams with various channels in them. Each team has channels that may have important messages. To try to make sure I don’t miss any messages, I try to keep the “new message symbol” clear, which is a red circle on the desktop client, and an asterisk (*) on the browser version.

My problem is, there is often activity on several teams at once, and to keep track and also clear notifications, I have to click Team X, channel A… then click Team Y, channel B. So there is a crazy amount of clicking just to keep track of what is going on… is there any way to remedy this? With IRC, I would just have one window with every message, such that I could keep it open on one screen, and it would say:

Joe, #vim: blahblah
Sam, #work: yep, yep

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

there’s no unified overview. There are some keybindings (look at CTRL-/). Another possibility might be to use matterbridge or matterhorn as alternate client but it depends on your preference.

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