New message indication on desktop app


When a new direct message arrives, I see that red-circle indicator on each of the team’s tabs. Then I have to go into each of the teams and click on the direct message to make that indicator disappear.

Steps to reproduce

I’m on a Mac. El Capitan OS.
Mattermost version 3.4.1
When receiving a new direct message, open the app window to see a red indicator on each of the team tabs. Then go to one of the team tabs and select the user from which the message is received to see their message, and only then does the indicator for the team you are on disappears. To remove the indicators on the other team tabs you need to select each tab and select the user from which message is received.

Expected behavior

When a new DM is received either only active team window displays an indicator or only the team tabs to which sender belongs. More importantly, when I select the sender’s name on the left nav to expose his/her message, regardless of which team I’m on, the indicators in all team tabs should disappear simultaneously.

Observed behavior


Thanks @Limi for the feedback!

Mattermost Server 3.6 will have a new team sidebar feature where all your teams will be displayed on the left-hand sidebar.

This will let you use and see all your teams on the same tab - hence without a need to have a separate tab for your teams (in your case, you would just need one open tab)

Stay tuned for the release on January 16th!

Note: The Desktop App won’t have an update on the 16th, but the team sidebar will work on the Desktop App v3.4.0 and later