Integrating services

Im looking for software for comunicating inside my company. There are fiew things that I want integrate using mattermost. I ask that the mattermost software is available to integrate this services. We are using an Easy Readmine 2.4 for our projects. We want to integrate it with mattermost that in mattermost I can take a look for our tasks and answet in mattermost to Readmine tasks. Also we want integrate e-mail that I can view only my emails and answer in mattermost channel. Another question is about integrating users, that they are using all those services, from LDAP. We don`t want to know passwords our employers and write their in files on server (I must do it when I want to integrate e-mail). What about integrating GitHub that someone share me a code from GitHub and I want to see this code in channel in mattermost. What about integrating with owncloud calendard? Mattermost is able to do it? Does mattermost have a “whiteboard”, that I can draw some project or take notes? And last question is that # can be private (only for me) or they are always public for channel?

Hi @aleksjablo,

You can read the Mattermost documentation to learn more about incoming webhooks, outgoing webhooks, and slash commands.

Mattermost uses the same format for webhooks as Slack does, so webhooks that work with Slack should also work with Mattermost. There are also a variety of integrations that have been created by the community (including ones for GitHub and Email).

LDAP is available, but requires an Enterprise license. You can learn more about Enterprise Edition and request a trial here.

There is currently no whiteboard feature in Mattermost, but you can add a feature request for it and it may be added if it’s a popular idea with the community.

Finally, in Mattermost hashtags are used to tag a post with a topic (simiilar to Twitter), and they are public for everyone. However, if you only use the hashtag in a private channel, then only the people with access to the private channel will see the hashtag.

I hope that information helps