Ideas and best practices for integrating with a Stack Exchange site via a bot

I’m involved with CiviCRM, the open source contact relationship management (CRM) platform. We have both a Mattermost site and a Stack Exchange site. What are some ideas or best practices for possibly integrating our Support channel on our Mattermost site with our FAQs on our Stack Exchange site, with a bot or otherwise?

Our most active Mattermost users frequently point Support channel users to our Stack Exchange site. IMHO, a more user-friendly and generally friendlier way for Support users to be pointed to and find question and answer content on our Stack Exchange site would be great.

Perhaps a Mattermost bot on our Support channel could search through our Stack Exchange site, or better, have a friendly “conversation” that guides users to a good relevant answer on our Stack Exchange site? Or is this too complex to implement, so maybe another format would be better?

Ideas and best practices are much appreciated. Thanks so much!

Hi @joemcl, did you have any luck getting started on this?

There are some examples (like hubot) on our community integrations page that may be a good starting point.

Hi @lfbrock and sorry for the delayed reply :wink: . We have not made any progress so I’ll check out the integrations page, thanks so much.