Any Ideas about Sharepoint Integration?

Since this march we are using Mattermost as a n:m- Chat client in my company. As I am aware, that i need content to convince my colleagues to talk, read, chat, (more!), I am always thinking of: what else can i put on it?
We are using Sharepoint as our structured file space / collaboration plattform. Owncloud as our file sharing / USB-stick-in-the-cloud. So a primary goal to me is to use mail as in MatterMail. Furthermore my boss dislikes "new stuff"But what about Sharepoint. Do you guys have any setup running to make use of both worlds: SharePoint & Mattermost?
As a moonshot, i would love to have something like “Mattermost-Metadata” (as channelnames, Users etc… ) that one could add, while putting a new file on SharePoint, so that SharePoint will “talk” to the given channel, when files/versions are checked in.

Looking forward to feedback… ;O)

Hi @patricks, so far theres nothing as far as I know for sharepoint integration with Mattermost, perhaps you can contribute one for the community?

@elias Well, i was more or less asking about “good practice” ideas, how we could use the best of both worlds. I’m not a developer myself nor do have some on the side within our organisation. Any ideas how to make sharepoint work with MM would be great…

Hi @patricks, it’s a great question,

Here are some ideas:

1. Start with a topic-focused channel

SharePoint deployments can be massive and people can get lost in all the different sites and subsites.

Having a project-centered Mattermost channel with links in the header to all the reference sites lets you focus on getting things done, rather than setting things up.

For example, if you’re hiring, you might have an applicant tracking system, a college campus recruitment schedule, and interviewer training materials across different systems.

You can create a channel for discussing recruiting overall, with links to SharePoint and other systems using markdown, to have a discussion all in one place.

The problem with email is that when you say “Hey Sam, I can’t make the interview screening session at City College, can you take my place?” you’d have to link to three different sites for Sam to have all the information needed to say “Yes”.

When everything vital about recruiting is in a channel, it’s a lot easier for new people to get started.

You can even overload headers to share a wide array of links, or even timelines and due dates:

2. Try Mattermost for onboarding

When someone is new to a process, like recruiting, you can add them to a Mattermost channel for them to read through past discussions and get a feel for process without having explicit training.

This can start a cycle, the more people learn a process by reading through Mattermost history, the more people want to use Mattermost to train others.

3. Start with email-based integrations

If you’re on-premise only there’s open source mail integrations like mattermail and jstuart you can use to incorporate updates from SharePoint without custom development.

We’d love to see a SharePoint-Mattermost integration as well, if anyone in the community is interested in providing one.

If you’re okay with using some SaaS-based integrations, you can setup Zapier to parse emails and output markdown-based posts to Mattermost:

There are just starting points, would highly welcome thoughts from other Mattermost deployments in environments where SharePoint is also used.

Hi @it33 , thanks a lot for putting these things together.
I already introduced topic-focused channel headers, as they help me a lot. What i have in mind, is sth. what you guys do at pre-release/core with all the integratiion of the forum, the APRs etc. as i would like to see “updates” beeing announced via Mattermost , so that people could easily follow changes without acually following them :smiley:

Anyhow… I am really looking forward to know, how all the “others” think of linking Sharepoint & Mattermost .

All the best

While SharePoint Integartion , we should always keep in mind such as important things

  • Infopath

  • SQL Server Reporting Services

  • Business Intelligence Tools

  • Microsoft Exchange Mailbox and Calendars

  • Digital Dashboards

  • KPI (Key performance Indicators)

Would love to add features like these,

Anyone interested in helping create guides or integrations for these to share with the community?