TCP Lookup: No such host

Hi guys! I am greatly looking forward to deploying Mattermost on our company servers, but I am running into an issue. I continuously receive the following error when running the Mattermost service according to the instructions found here: Installing Mattermost on RHEL 7 — Mattermost documentation

{“timestamp”:“2022-01-06 16:47:40.784 -05:00”,“level”:“error”,“msg”:“Failed to ping DB”,“caller”:“sqlstore/store.go:272”,“error”:“dial tcp: lookup <>: no such host”,“retrying in seconds”:10}

Steps to reproduce
Mattermost version: 6.2.1
CentOs Version: 7.9.2009
mysql version: 5.7.36

Here is the appropriate section from my config file (password redacted). IP Address is the actual public IP address of my machine. The database name and username are both davisp_mattermost. The server is a dedicated server (my company is the only company using the machine).

“SqlSettings”: {
“DriverName”: “mysql”,
“DataSource”: “davisp_mattermost:<************>@tcp(<>:3306)/davisp_mattermost?charset=utf8mb4,utf8&writeTimeout=30s”,
“DataSourceReplicas”: ,
“DataSourceSearchReplicas”: ,
“MaxIdleConns”: 20,
“ConnMaxLifetimeMilliseconds”: 3600000,
“ConnMaxIdleTimeMilliseconds”: 300000,
“MaxOpenConns”: 300,
“Trace”: false,
“AtRestEncryptKey”: “”,
“QueryTimeout”: 30,
“DisableDatabaseSearch”: false,

I have verified that the mysql service is running and the user does have access to the database. After spending some significant time on Google, I am lost and would appreciate any help.

Thank you,


Solution (from Sven):

Remove the < and > from the password and ip address in the DataSource config entry, so that it looks like this:


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