Error while starting Mattermost server

I’m setting up my first mattermost server on Centos 7, I followed the tutorial, and when I start the server with the command “sudo -u mattermost ./platform”, I get this message :

segment 2017/09/12 05:26:00 error sending request: Post dial tcp: lookup on no such host

I’m not a professional in Linux World, then if you can be clear, I will be grateful.

If I am not mistaken that is the address of the statistics server Mattermost uses to collect information about it self and to also warn you about security updates.

That message means that for whatever reason your server was unable to reach the domain in that IP address, perhaps your DNS is failing or not properly configure.

If you wish to disable those messages you can do so by changing these 2 settings EnableSecurityFixAlert and EnableDiagnostics to false but you will lose the ability to report and receive reports from mattermost.

For Security Alerts (see link) and for Error and Diagnostics Reporting (see link)

I’ve decided to disable those message as you advised me and it’s working.
Thanks a lot

No problem, just keep in mind that by doing so you lose the ability of receiving notifications about security patches and such, as well as helping mattermost to improve with the collected anonymous information of errors and such.