Team Edition vs Enterprise

Does it matter which one I have installed? Right now the Team edition is going to be solving our needs, but I didn’t realize that I actually downloaded the enterprise edition in my original install.

Currently, these is a message in the Mattermost logs at startup saying license not found, but I think everything is functioning fine so far.

Should I continue to use the Enterprise install, or follow the “upgrade” instructions and load the team edition?

Thanks for your input.

Hi @tomstieger, thank you for reaching out!

The biggest differences between the two are the pricing and available features - you can take a look at the table here that has more information that might help you decide:

Thanks Amy. Does it cause any problems in the future to continue running the enterprise edition without entering a license key?

I will change to the team edition if it is advised to do so.

@tomstieger The Enterprise license will eventually expire and at that point the Enterprise features will be disabled and Enterprise related settings cannot be adjusted. I’m not aware of other problems that will be caused. Here is a link to information on what happens when Enterprise license expires:

Found the table comparing the different editions at

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To clarify the answer to the original question - using Enterprise Edition without a license is fine, and will cause no issues. The Enterprise features just will not be unlocked until you upload a license.

(The only difference between the Team Edition download and the Enterprise Edition download is that you have the ability to upload a license to Enterprise Edition if you choose to, while Team Edition needs to be upgraded to Enterprise Edition before a license can be added).

@lfbrock Just to make abundantly sure, do you mean that Enterprise without a license is functionally identical to Team? Or are there any differences in functionality or features (besides the license upload you described)?

Hi there, @aleqx

That is right. An enterprise edition Mattermost works well without the enterprise license that behaves similarly to the Team Edition as the Enterprise features (E10 / E20) will only be activated once you upload the license to the instance.

The license upload ability that requires you to upgrade to Enterprise edition is mentioned in the Upgrading to Enterprise Edition from Mattermost Team Edition documentation.