Unable to compile Mattermost

I followed the Mac instructions on here:


But I am unable to get it to compile.

~/g/s/g/m/platform> go build
api/server.go:12:2: code in directory /Users/pat/go/src/githubcom/throttled/throttled expects import "gopkgin/throttled/throttled.v2"
api/server.go:13:2: code in directory /Users/pat/go/src/githubcom/throttled/throttled/store expects import "gopkgin/throttled/throttled.v2/store"

Do I need to do something with godep to get it to use the bundled dependencies? godep restore complains of the same error. And if I fix those URLs manually, then there are other compile errors so it seems like I’m doing something wrong. I also tried the release-0.7.0 branch and had the same issue.

Thanks in advance!

(I had to edit the links slightly since I’m a new user)

BTW, I’m using Go 1.5 if that is relevant.

Downgrading to go 1.4.2 has resolved the problem!