Problem Compiling mattermost-push-proxy

Hello all
I am in the process of launching our own MPNS server using I can pull the compiled version down from github and launch the server and it pushes great. However, we are going to need to add in a small extra function to the android_notification_server.go and apple_notification_server.go for something in our application. So I have pulled down the source code (ie, extracted to my go environment, included our pem file and updated json. When i then run make all … it runs successfully and tests pass. But when I then upload the package to our server and go to start the service we receive

bin/mattermost-push-proxy: 1: bin/mattermost-push-proxy: Syntax error: “)” unexpected

in the /var/log/upstart/mattermost-push-proxy.log file.

This is after building the code without editing anything.

So I am curious is anyone has tried this … and if there is a solution out there.

We are somewhat in an urgent need of support as we were hoping to have this live this weekend …

Thank you to anyone who can provide any assistance or guidance on this one.


Hi @keithg,

Thanks for your feedback,

Have you taken a look at this documentation?