Problem compiling/running MPNS

We have a specific use-case for MPNS where we need to alter the message sent out for both Android and iOS push service. Since this is very unique to our scenario I am trying to make that change in the codebase and trying to build and deploy the executable locally as adviced in this document The build process goes through without any issue but when the service is started we see this error in the log file.

/opt/mattermost-push-proxy/bin/mattermost-push-proxy: 1: /opt/mattermost-push-proxy/bin/matt�: not foundproxy: ����
/opt/mattermost-push-proxy/bin/mattermost-push-proxy: 2: /opt/mattermost-push-proxy/bin/mattermost-push-proxy: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

The code runs fine when we run it locally using make run. Wondering if the issue was my code change, I reverted back to what the source code was but saw the same issue.

Source code I am trying:

Any direction or help here would be greatly appreciated.

Also noticed a similar question but had no resolution on it: #4829

Thank you,

After hours of fighting finally figured it out. I was generating the build on my Mac and using that to run on an Ubuntu server. The executables are not compatible!