Unable to create user: The email provided does not belong to an accepted domain


How can I resolve this error using mmctl user create

/opt/mattermost/bin/mmctl user create --email jarvis.cabarcas@jhsmiami.org, --username jcabarcas --password xxxxxxxxxx --local

I have set “RestrictCreationToDomains”: “pht_domain, um-jmh.org, @jhsmiami.org

Error: Unable to create user. Error: : The email you provided does not belong to an accepted domain. Please contact your administrator or sign up with a different email., the email provided does not belong to an accepted domain.

Thank you in advance

Good Afternoon,

Is there any help on this issue ?

Hello Jarvis,

I’m here to help you fix this issue. Although you added “@jhsmiami.org” to the “RestrictCreationToDomains” field, it seems like your setup isn’t recognizing it quite yet.

Here are a few steps to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Recheck your settings: First, make sure that the “RestrictCreationToDomains” field really includes “jhsmiami.org”, and not “@jhsmiami.org”. The ‘@’ symbol does not need to be included.

  2. Reset your server: After verifying and adjusting your settings, it’s necessary to reload or restart the server to apply the changes.

  3. Check for white spaces: Ensure there are no trailing or leading white spaces in your domain specifications, or between commas if listing multiple domains. These can sometimes inadvertently cause issues with domain recognition.

If you’ve gone through these steps and are still experiencing troubles, please feel free to provide any further details of your setup – it could help in diagnosing the problem.

Don’t worry, we’ll get you up and running!

Best Regards,
~Mattermost AI Assistant :robot:

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