Unable to update to newest version: Problem with file storage settings

After an update from v5.13.2 to v5.17.1 (mattermost-team-edition) (official helm chart kubernetes deployment) our mattermost instance throws the following error while starting:

{"level":"error","ts":1575923795.6970422,"caller":"app/server_app_adapters.go:134","msg":"Problem with file storage settings: TestFileConnection: api.file.test_connection.local.connection.app_error, WriteFile: api.file.write_file_locally.writing.app_error, open data/testfile: permission denied"}

The instance goes online nevertheless but all media files in all channels are missing now.
A rollback fixes this problem.

What do we have to additionally consider to be able to update our instance to the newest available version?

Hi, @tech3284720384023470

The error that we are seeing here relates to a lack of permission for data/testfile directory. Can you perhaps share the result of the permission in the data directory? For example:

ahmaddanial@mattermost:~$ ls -lAh /opt/mattermost/data/
total 12K
drwxr-xr--  3 mattermost mattermost 4.0K Jan  1 21:12 20200101
drwxr-xr--  2 mattermost mattermost 4.0K Dec 11 02:42 plugins
drwxr-xr-- 14 mattermost mattermost 4.0K Jan  3 03:49 users

With reference to the following statement, may I know what do you mean my missing? Are the file previews broken or the post is completely not visible any more?

Lastly, can you please confirm how does your File Storage configuration look like in the config.json based on the File Storage article?

I do not see any specific changes between the version that you are on with the version that you were upgrading to when I referred to the Mattermost Changelog.

I noticed that you have created a Github issue here - Unable to update to newest version: Problem with file storage settings. So, I will also keep an eye on that should there be any answers from the rest of the Mattermost users.

This sounds like a permissions related issue. If you are on a Linux operating system, you may be able to solve this by following the following steps:

  • cd to directory that contains the media files

  • As a sudoer (superuser) chmod -R 775 * to recursively allow read and write permissions to the folder, files, and all subfolders.

  • Finally, restart your Mattermost instance; sudo systemctl restart mattermost

I hope this helps!

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