Update in Progress page

I upgraded past version 5.36 this morning with the background database changes. These took a long time to take effect on MySQL because we do have a lot of rows in ‘Posts’.

It got me thinking in this situation it might be good to have an ‘upgrade in progress’ page in Mattermost - as it was nothing was available on 443 and anyone trying to get to the site just got an error. In general the process of moving the data around with the service stopped now takes quite a while, so we have a full outage while we’re upgrading - something where the service stayed up but refused connections and made it clear maintenance was in progress would reduce a lot of the Helpdesk queries and people complaining about Mattermost being broken.

(Because people don’t read the notice I put out beforehand about downtime, obviously)

Anyway, I know that’s not a simple thing to implement, but as our server is getting bigger and we’re relying on Mattermost more and more it would be a decent QoL improvement for us when we do need to upgrade.