Upgrade from 3.1.0 to 3.2.0 - missing LDAP field?


Trying to upgrade the enterprise edition from 3.1.0 to 3.2.0 and on startup, I’m getting the following error:
[EROR] (main.main:92) Unable to load mattermost configuration file: Config.IsValid: Required LDAP field missing,

It’s not real descriptive on which LDAP field is missing, though. I diffed the old 3.1.0 config.json with the new 3.2.0 config.json and the only real difference I can see is the addition of a MaxPageSize directive. I’ve added that to my existing config.json.

Is there something else I missed?

Hi @Wintrmte, I think LDAP “FirstNameAttribute” and “LastNameAttribute” became required settings.

Updated the upgrade guide to have a section on upgrading to v3.2 to make this clearer.

@lfbrock Thanks! I had those already filled in but still get the error on startup. The attributes I do not have values in are:

– We use anonymous bind to validate credentials


I did add the MaxPageSize value to the config, also – might want to add that to your Upgrading to 3.2, that’s a new value it seems.

Thanks, I filed a bug here to fix the issue: https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/PLT-3701

I think BindUsername and BindPassword must have been made required as well, going to discuss with the team to see if we can do a dot release to fix it.

You should also be able to fix it if you create an account for Mattermost instead of doing anonymous bind, is there a particular reason you’re using anonymous bind currently?

EDIT: Decision was not to do a dot release but this will be fixed in v3.3, because anonymous bind was not intentionally supported previously it just happened to work if the fields were left blank.

OK thanks for letting me know that this will be fixed in 3.3 - I noticed that RC1 is available, any kind of release ETA?

3.3 will be released August 16! You can follow the release meta issue for updates on the latest RCs.

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Outstanding! Looking forward to it.

Can confirm this issue was resolved in 3.3.0