Upgrade Mattermost Version 7.1.2

Dear Colleagues.
I need upgrade Mattermost Version 7.1.2 up to latest version or version where no problem with security updates. Security Updates - Mattermost Open Source Collaboration Platform

  1. Plz advice me steps which i should to do. I found this docs. Upgrade Mattermost Server — Mattermost documentation
  2. I need also encrypt my current DB. Plz advice me, how i can do it also.

Thank you.

Hi @kajafarov ,

upgrading from 7.1.2 is easy, you just follow these instructions if you’re using the binary edition:

If you’re using the docker edition, you just change the version in your .env file, run docker-compose down followed by the docker-compose up command you’re always using.

There’s no built-in way to encrypt the database, so if you’re looking for at-rest encryption, I suggest to put the MySQL data directory on an encrypted volume or to configure your MySQL server to use data-at-rest encryption for the tables in the Mattermost database, but please be careful, it needs to be fully transparent to the Mattermost service!