Upgrading skipping 1 minor version (5.29.0 -> 5.31.0) allowed?

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i have a question related to number of minor mm versions which can be skipped
during the upgrade process, to upgrade to the most current mm version.

I was migrating my Mattermost 5.29.0 Server from Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04.
As recommended in the Migration Guide
I’ve first updated the Mattermost to version 5.31.0 on the SOURCE server. Afterwards installed the 5.31.0 version on the DESTINATION server, and migrated database, data and config.json to the DESTINATION server. Everything works fine so far on the new server.

What I’ve forgot was this Note from the Upgrade Guide:

We only support a one minor version difference between the server versions when performing a rolling upgrade (for example v5.27.1 + v5.27.2 or v5.26.4 + v5.27.1 is supported, whereas v5.25.5 + v5.27.0 is not supported). Running two different versions of Mattermost in your cluster should not be done outside of an upgrade scenario.

I tried to search for a Topic which answers my questions but didn’t found anything, this is why I’ve created this topic:

  • Was it wrong to upgrade from 5.29.0 directly to 5.31.0? (skipping the versions 5.29.1, 5.29.2, 5.30.0, 5.30.1 and 5.30.2)
  • If so, what should i do now:
  • Downgrade to 5.30.0 (or 5.30.2) on the new server and upgrade afterwards back to 5.31.0?
  • I also have the database backups for 5.29.0 and 5.31.0 on the old server, but there were already some messages send on the new server (with mm 5.31.0)

Thanks a lot!

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Hello, @Dolo

Definitely not wrong, just that it is not officially supported. :slight_smile:

As we do not support downgrades as well as it can potentially break the functionality (especially if it involves database updates), I would recommend you to continue using the upgraded & migrated 5.31.0 but at the same time, observe if there any anomalies or if anything goes sideways.

Hello @ahmaddanial

thanks dir the fast Response!

Alright, hope i haven’t broken anything.

I will keep an eye on the Server, if some problems/anomalies should occure, i will open a new topic and reference top this one.

Thanks a lot! Have a nice week!

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