Uploading files hangs in "processing"

Trying to upload files, either screenshots or small files, hangs on “processing” and don’t upload completely.

My mattermost install was done with omnibus, on a linux VPS.

Any hints? I’d appreciate it.

[I searched previously the issue in the forum and got to this two responses:

Many thanks in advance.

We have a related bug ticket open [MM-49088] - Mattermost.

Hi Garlu,

does this happen with all files you upload for all users in all channels? Is there a difference when you use the webbrowser or one of the desktop apps? Also, what server version are you on right now?

Many thanks for the reply, @agriesser .

  • Yes, all users in all channels.
  • Both happening on webbrowser and desktop app (and mobile).
  • Latest server version: v7.1.5

Thank you again!

The latest server version is 7.5.2, so if you’re really on 7.1.5, please try to upgrade to 7.5.2 first.
If this was just a typo and you’re already on 7.5.1, please enable debug logging in your server, try to upload a file and post the contents of your mattermost.log file then around the time you tried to upload the file.

Truth! Sorry for the typo.

  • Mattermost Version: 7.5.2
  • Database Schema Version: 95
  • Database: postgres

Blockquote{“timestamp”:“2023-01-03 15:18:42.533 Z”,“level”:“info”,“msg”:“reminder preference is empty. Defaulting to "on"”,“caller”:“app/plugin_api.go:973”,“plugin_id”:“com.mattermost.plugin-todo”}
{“timestamp”:“2023-01-03 15:24:57.112 Z”,“level”:“error”,“msg”:“Error while scanning for viruses. dial tcp [::1]:3310: connect: connection refused”,“caller”:“app/plugin_api.go:976”,“plugin_id”:“antivirus”}


Looks like deactivating the Antivirus Plugin got it resolved! Many thanks for pointing out to the console log for it! :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for confirming the solution and glad to hear you’re up and running now :slight_smile: