Use Mattermost as separate controls in own app

Is it any way ( even if require l lot of work ) to use mattermost as controls in existing app?
strongly say I need only channel control maybe even without headers, since my app will handle it own

I want to show chat panel for some context with dynamic channels
iframe integration is not good decision since it allow navigating inside

Hi @mogadanez,

Would you be open to taking a look at this documentation if it helps:

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I seen it, and options suggested there is not what Iā€™m looking for.

Iframe is closest, but not works for me,
I not want to use fully functional mattermost UI, stronly say i need just chat panel and own routing
for example imagine that I have some own hierarchy structure in My product ( for example Customer, Project etc. ) I want to show only relative chat panel per each entity without full mattermost UI