User deletion - Easy Fix?

Hello - I am attempting to delete a user. I have searched the forum and tried the solutions. Have also done the same with the mattermost booklet.

I’m being told ‘user’ command is not found
or ‘Mattermost’ command is not found

I’m guessing its something really easy like I’m in the wrong directory or something.



Would this work

Hi - thanks for responding. It does not. I get either a ‘user’ or ‘mattermost’ is not a recognized command.

What Mattermost version are you on? Do you see any log errors?

No error logs. Just the response I posted in the evernote link. Version: 5.12.0

Would you be open to testing if you see this issue on a more recent version? Our most recent version is v5.20.0.

Great. How does one update?

Here’s our upgrade docs:

Hello, @andrewive

Quick check if you had the chance to upgrade your Mattermost instance to the latest version and verify that the mattermost user delete CLI command shared by @amy.blais earlier helped to delete the user completely from Mattermost.

Can you please keep us posted on this, please? Thanks.