Very poor perfomance of aws S3 storage type

Very poor perfomance of aws S3 storage type. Downloading, uploading and server startup time significantly increased after updating mattermost server to 6.1+ from 6.0.4.

Steps to reproduce
Setup aws S3 as file itorage

Expected behavior
Same performance level for startups and file operations as before update with version 6.0.4
Server startup while downgrading to 6.0.4 = ~10 seconds.

Observed behavior
Server startup time = 8 min

{"timestamp":"2022-01-22 21:18:20.621 Z","level":"info","msg":"Server is initializing...","caller":"app/server.go:237","go_version":"go1.16.7"}
{"timestamp":"2022-01-22 21:26:39.060 Z","level":"debug","msg":"Connection to S3 or minio is good. Bucket exists.","caller":"filestore/s3store.go:178"}
{"timestamp":"2022-01-22 21:26:39.063 Z","level":"info","msg":"Starting Server...","caller":"app/server.go:1163"}
{"timestamp":"2022-01-22 21:26:39.067 Z","level":"info","msg":"Server is listening on [::]:8065","caller":"app/server.go:1236","address":"[::]:8065"}

Downloading file = 1-2 min only for downloading to start.
Uploading file = 2-3 min with processing status.
Test Connection Button in File Storage settings = 2 min with success status.