VM locally unreachable (Docker, Windows)

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with mattermost. I installed it on docker for Windows, it seems to work properly, I’m now able to access the mattermost administration page from the host.

The problem is, I have 5 PC in LAN under a HP-A5120 switch. DHCP IP is handled with this switch like : 10.42.x.x.x with MAC address lock.
The docker ip address (the virtual machine) is 192.168.x.x

I can access to the docker ip address from the host, i can access to the host from another PC on the same LAN, but I can’t access to the docker itself from another PC.

Do I need to do something with “docker” ? maybe virtualbox settings ? or the switch ?

Thank you !

ps : English isn’t my native language :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m using Docker too. What I did was expose the port, so that it looks like the host machine “is” the mattermost server.
Something along the lines of

docker run -p 80:8065 mattermostimage

I believe the exposed port from docker image is 8065, but you can adjust as needed.

If you run it like that, then go to your host IP (or name) and you should be able to get to mattermost.

Thanks for your help @ngcnelson!

With this solution, is the issue fixed for you @Yxogen?