How can I access my local mattermost from other machines?

Following the installation guide, I installed docker toolbox and hosted mattermost on my local windowsPC. It works beautiful. So far, so good.

Now I’m considering introducing mattermost to my team, and I want to access my locally hosted mattermost from other machines on the LAN.
I tried hitting htttp:// from other machines, but I can’t access it. I can access the url from my local PC, but not from other machines. was the url I got when I hit the mattermost page from kinetic

Could anyone please help me out?
I’ve spent a few days googling with no success, and I’m quite lost

Sounds like you might have a firewall in place blocking access to your machine. What version of windows are you running?

My OS is windows7.
I assume my firewall is turned off. Looking at my firewall settings from the control-panel, it is turned off.

Do I need to do some port-forwarding like the url below? (I didn’t have success trying it though)
h ttps://

I’m guessing that on windows boot2docker runs something akin to VirtualBox. For example on mac, boot2docker installs an ip bridge so accessing a certain ip is actually accessing the virtual machine. I’m guessing the ip address above is of the virtual machine not the ip address of the windows machine. So you would need to port forward the windows ip address 8065 to the virtual machines ip address. I’m not sure how todo that on windows.