WebSocker port connection, Mattermost unreachable

Hi everyone.
We have a user that is experiencing a Websocker connection error, which is intermittent. To get it back up, a restart of the app is required.
The Mattermost is used via a app on a MAC which this is where they are seeing the issue.
The version on Mattermost image we are hosting is 9.0.1.

I have followed other forums that are posted on these issues but everything seems to be fine.
As far as I know, no one else is experiencing this issue.

That is odd! Is that user running any kind of firewall that’s different, or has a different config? WebSocket traffic traverses the same port as HTTP / HTTPS but is not HTTP / HTTPS.

I suppose this could also be an issue with your AllowCorsFrom directive: Integrations configuration settings — Mattermost documentation