Welcomebot doesn't atomatically add new users to channels

Hi all,

we have installed mattermost 5.38.0 for our “linux user group” and I want to use “welcomebot” V1.20

The goal is that new users will automatically be added to some channels for our team called “kilug”.
I have added the necessary line to “config.json” and restarted the services mysql, mattermost, apache.

The welcomebot is correcty installed and the command “/welcomebot list” shows, following

But if a new user will register, nothing happens. The new user will not be added to the configured channels.

My config.json section:

        "Plugins": {
            "com.mattermost.welcomebot": {
                "WelcomeMessages": [
                        "Actions": [
                                "ActionType": "automatic",
                                "ChannelsAddedTo": [ "chat-server"]
                        "DelayInSeconds": 3,
                        "Message": [
                            "Herzlich willkommen im KiLUG Chat. Sie wurden zu allen Kanälen automatisch hinzugefügt."
                        "TeamName": "kilug"

I think, I missed something. But I don’t know what.
Any ideas?


I installed V6.0.1 of Mattermost and then this issue was solved.