What are options for integration SaaS applications to Mattermost?

Let’s say we have a SAAS application, can we integrate mattermost with our SAAS application.
We are working with ruby on rails, can this be a problem ?
I have seen mattermost today, from gitlab’s blog; as they are a rails application, any rails application can integrate with mattermost. But I could not find any document or blog about this.
Can you share technical documents of this kind of integration ?

Best regards.

Hi @farukca,

We’re working on building a framework for developers to integrate with Mattermost through a set of Web APIs.

Feedback from the community matters a lot, and we’re prioritizing features like incoming and outgoing webhooks for interactivity, as that seems to be the most popular request.

While we’re trying to avoid dependency on any particularly language or framework via APIs, if you’d like to embed the Mattermost codebase into an open source project to have total control, it’s written in Go and React.