What is the best way to display a "code of conduct" on a mattermost instance?

I want to add a code of conduct to my entreprise’s mattermost instance. Some of our colleague seems to not realy get that it is a work evironnement and their behaviour need to change. So I want to add a code of conduct somewhere that I am sure any new member of the team will have to see whe they first enter the team. Is there something possible ?
I thought of pinning a message to the town hall channel but it is not very visible

Thank you very much !

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Hello :slight_smile:

Take a look at the custom branding options (Site Configuration > Customization), especially “Custom Brand Text”. You can also change the Terms of Use link on that page, for example, although that is also not very visible.

Otherwise I can recommend the Welcome Bot plugin, which lets you send a DM when new people join - that’s what I’ve done.

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Big cheers for chiming in with the solution, @maltem-za! Welcome Bot is my personal favorite method, but I’m glad that it’s not the only option.

Hi everyone,

another option would be to use the channel actions on your town-square channel. Whenever a new user joins, they (and only they) will read a welcome message you configured in the channel actions: