Which Websocket Event to Use

I need to setup a websocket that sends the payload to our application when a reply is made to a particular post.

  • Which websocket event correlates to my need?
    • Note: I will need the channel ID, and Post ID.
  • What triggers the response​ and thread_updated​ websocket events?
  • What triggers the plugin_statuses_changed​ websocket event; is this tied to playbooks?

Hello hgg,

Thanks for reaching out to our community!

If you need to set up a websocket that reacts when a reply is made to a particular post, I’d suggest using the posted event. This event is fired whenever a new message is posted. In the payload of this event, you are provided the channel_id and post_id along with other details of the post.

The response and thread_updated websocket events are triggered when a user adds a new reply to an existing post or a thread. Specifically, response targets single-level comments while thread_updated handles thread-level updates.

With regards to plugin_statuses_changed, this event is triggered whenever one of your plugins changes its enabled/disables status, crashes, or is upgraded. It isn’t specifically tied to playbooks but can provide changes in status of any plugin in your installation.

I hope this clarifies your questions, feel free to follow up if anything was unclear, or you have more queries. We’re here to help!

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