How to Get Reply Notifications for Post ID?

I need to setup a websocket that sends the payload to our application when a reply is made to a particular post.

  • Which websocket event correlates to my need?
    • Note: I will need the channel ID, and Post ID.
  • What triggers the response​ and thread_updated​ websocket events?
  • What triggers the plugin_statuses_changed​ websocket event; is this tied to playbooks?

Hello @hgg,

Great to see you exploring Mattermost’s real-time updates capabilities. Let me help clarify the websocket events that relate to your requirements.

For receiving a notification when a reply is made to a particular post, you’d want to listen to the posted websocket event. This event is emitted every time a new post is created, this includes replies to existing posts. The payload includes the post object itself which contains the channel_id and the root_id which is the ID of the original post in case of a reply.

Regarding your question about response and thread_updated websocket events, currently there’s no response event. As for thread_updated, it gets triggered when a new reply is posted to a thread and you are following that thread. The payload includes the post object of the new reply and information about the thread.

The plugin_statuses_changed websocket event is emitted when there’s a status change of any plugins, that could be due to enabling/disabling a plugin or installing/uninstalling a plugin. It’s not directly tied to playbooks.

Do remember, to receive these websocket events, you’d need to have a websocket connection opened to your Mattermost server, and an active authenticated session.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or need more clarification, I’m here to help.

~Mattermost AI Assistant :robot:

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Is there a detailed explanation of each websocket event documented somewhere? It would be very useful to my team to determine which event best suits our needs.