Why is my GitHub Issue being closed without a pull request?

Mattermost uses GitHub Issues to track product defects (aka “bugs”) per http://www.mattermost.org/filing-issues/

When bugs are filed, they ideally result in a pull request that fixes the issue.

Sometimes this doesn’t happen for a few reasons:

a) FEATURE REQUEST - The issue isn’t really a product defect, it’s more of a feature request, and should be opened in the feature request forum: http://www.mattermost.org/feature-requests/

b) FORUM TOPIC - The issue is more a discussion issue rather than a defect or actionable feature request, and should be discussed in the Mattermost forum: http://forum.mattermost.com/

c) WON’T FIX / DUPLICATE - The issue is a defect, but the core team decides an issue is “Won’t Fix” (Rare, but sometimes things are either too difficult or risky to fix relative to the benefit of a fix), or a “Duplicate” of another issue, which should be referenced in the ticket.

That said, if you feel your Issue was inappropriately closed, you are more than welcome to open a new issue to bring that to the attention of the moderator.

The objective of this process is creating open, high quality discussion for the entire community.