Why is 'undefined' occurring in the users API?

First of all, I posted it as a troubleshooting, but I apologize if I misunderstood.

This error occurred while using the bigbluebutton plugin, but we are inquiring about an error related to the mattermost API.

As of version 7.5.1, the plugin must send an api/v4/users/undefined request, which returns a 400 status code. (Of course, I think it’s because the request parameters are wrong.)
However, the issue is that the behavior did not occur until version 6.2.0.
Although the error does not cause operational problems, it is inconvenient for debugging due to the error log, and since it is classified as an error rather than a warning, we are contacting you thinking that there is potential danger.

Can you give me some clues as to why the users API is being requested as ‘undefined’ in the team changing action since version 6.2.0?

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install the latest version of GitHub - blindsidenetworks/mattermost-plugin-bigbluebutton: BigBlueButton plugin for Mattermost
  2. activate plugin
  3. Observe the error log on the behavior of changing teams

Although there is a connection error in the screenshot, please note that ‘undefined’ requests occur because this is not an operating environment, but an environment for reproducing the error.

Thank you.

Hi @DH.Kim , welcome to the Mattermost forums and sorry for the late reply!

I did try to reproduce the issue you’re seeing here on a recent Mattermost server version (7.7.1) but am not sure if it’s either not happening here or if I just failed to reproduce it.
Where did you see this error log? Directly in your browser’s console log when you have the system console enabled and click on the button to enable this plugin?
What plugin version are you using?