Why "Restrict Creation To Domains" is applied to team names instead of just user accounts?

I want to restrict the user accounts to certain domains, but when I set them on “Restrict Creation To Domains”, in the “Team Settings” panel, not only the user creation is restricted, but apparently the team names need to end with the domain names as well, is that it?

Why are these restrictions related?

Not sure I understand the question, according to documentation and help text “Restrict creation to domains” means only users with emails verified with the domain (e.g. @company.com) are able to create user accounts or teams.

This shouldn’t affect the name you choose for your teams.

Please share repro steps and which version you’re using if there is still an issue?

I’m really sorry, you are right. I’ve misunderstood the documentation and verified the issue in a wrong way too…

Thanks, no worries, appreciate your asking about the issue, thanks for trying out the product!