Zoom Plugin - Are there limitations?

My questions refer to the Team Free Edition:
Are there limitations when using the Zoom Plugin e.g. regarding

  • Number of participants?
  • Time limit for group conferences?
    The native Zoom Basic Edition specifies such limitations.
    Sorry, asking these details. We haven’t even installed Mattermost. We are still checking the features of products that might meet ours needs.

Best regards, bigboreshooter

Hi @bigboreshooter,

The zoom plugin enables users to start and join voice, video and screensharing meetings using either Zoom’s self-hosted private cloud or on-prem solutions, or its vendor-hosted SaaS solution. So any Zoom related limitations depend on what Zoom offers. More details here: https://docs.mattermost.com/integrations/zoom.html.

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Yes, major limitations. Every user on Mattermost require a licensed Zoom account ($$$$). Unless, you have a user say in a conference room that’s always connected ie ‘zoom-bot’ that’s licensed to use zoom and can start meetings. But that’s limited to one user, of course if you have multiple users on Zoom, you’re good to go.