24x7 Forum Support Process

This post outlines our enhanced 24×7 support, offered to anyone deploying our free open source products to ensure your questions are answered as quickly as possible. More details at https://mattermost.com/blog/remote-work-when-saas-is-not-an-option/.

Forum Response Process

For forum guidelines, see https://docs.mattermost.com/process/community-guidelines.html#mattermost-community-forums.

For sample responses, see https://docs.mattermost.com/process/community-guidelines.html#sample-responses.

Note that all business and licensing questions should be responded to by @it33.

Forum Escalation

This section outlines our internal issue escalation process for issues on https://forum.mattermost.com/ that go unanswered for more than 24 hours.

Escalation Contact:

  1. If the issue is technical / needs troubleshooting, the customer support team will be pinged.
  2. If the issue is specific to an area that one of our developer teams clearly owns, a Sustained Engineering team lead or member will be pinged.
  3. If it’s a feature request or general feedback on a feature, a product manager of the team that owns the feature area will be pinged.
  4. If there is a licensing question, the CEO (@it33) will be pinged.
  5. We may ping specific community members on areas of expertise to see if they’re open to helping. If anyone is open to help, let us know by replying to this forum issue!

Escalation Process: @amy.blais will escalate as follows:

  1. People will be at-mentioned directly on the forum post.
  2. If no responses in less than 24 hours, Mattermost channels at https://community.mattermost.com will be used for reaching out to staff.
  • If there’s no confidential information, public channels such as Ask R&D, Peer-to-Peer Help, or other topic-based channels will be used.
  • If there’s confidential information, private support channels will be used.
  • If the issue is urgent, we will: use at-here or at-channel notifications, at-mention Sustained Engineering team members whose working hours align with the current time, or call staff via cell phone.