License for non-profits? How long for a response?

Mattermost kindly offer non-profit licenses. But how long does it usually take to receive a response once you’ve applied?

Anyone have experience? Is more than 2 weeks normal?

I’ll ask our team about the status on this, thank you for reaching out.

Just to confirm, did you originally reach out by filling out this form Mattermost Non-Profit License Request?


Yes, application submitted on 21 September. Separate follow-up email via sales contact form yesterday.

By application, I mean we completed and submitted on the 21 September the form you link to in your post.

What kind of email did you receive from Sales yesterday? Did it outline next steps? Just so that I have the full context.

No reply has been received from Sales.

I contacted them, but have not heard back.

Got it, I’ll reach out to our team to check this.

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Hi @amy.blais, did you receive any update from your team on this?
Thank you

I received an update last week that the Sales team is engaged with this. Have you received any email from our Sales team?

Hi Amy,
Apart from your messages here in this thread, we have received no communication from anyone at Mattermost

Would you be open to sending me a private message that includes details on your email address and company name? I’ll reach out to our Sales team with this information.

Yup. How would you like me to contact you?

Do you see a button “Message” when you open my profile?
If not, another option is that you can log in to our community server here and send me a Direct Message at amy.blais.

Messaged you via the community server, as the DM option is not available here.

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Short status update for 18 October 2022: Despite @amy.blais’s best efforts, we’ve still received no emails or messages from Mattermost.

Friday will mark one month since we applied for a non-profit license. Since then we’ve reached out through the Sales form, this forum, and the Mattermost community chat.

We are fans of Mattermost. Both the product and the underlying ethos, but this has been a disappointing experience.

Hi @Thoughtful, thanks for taking and interest in Mattermost! We get quite a few submissions for our non-profit offering and it can take us as long as 6-8 weeks to review applications. We’ll reach out when we’ve had a chance to review your application. In the meantime, you can check our our open source or free cloud options.

Hi @BenLloydPearson, thank you for the follow-up and the helpful timeline. That will help to set expectations for non-profits and be useful for any to factor into their deployment timelines.

Be great if a line could be added to either the non-profit application page or the form response to let applicants know how long it typically takes to receive a response.

Thanks once again.

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Good idea! I’ve created a PR for the documentation to get that added there.

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Hi @Thoughtful,
Thank you for your application to our Nonprofit program.
We sincerely apologize for the wait and for the inconvenience and frustration this process has likely caused.
We manually process and check the associated requirements for these licenses, which can take time. However, we should have been more communicative during this process; we regret this and are continuously learning and adapting our processes.
We are currently actively working on the processes associated with our nonprofit licensing to better serve the needs of our customers.
I also want to note that there is continuous internal communication between the different teams (in this case, Sales and @amy.blais and I), and the lack of response was due to the delays on my end - I apologize for that.

Thank you @agriesser for the helpful PR request. We are holding off on accepting it just yet, as we need to make additional tweaks and updates to these docs.
We are updating our internal workflows and forms and will update our documentation asap to reflect this and make things a bit clearer in general around requirements and expectations.