License for non-profits? How long for a response?

Hi @jordana
Thank you for the update, and helpful to hear that the broader workflows and documentation around the non-profit offering are under review.
More information will help with expectation management on the part of new, prospective non-profit clients.

For us, as we weren’t expecting a 2 month wait, we’ve found ourselves in the situation of having to create and manage individual user accounts for all staff, rather than simply provide them an option through single sign on. Which is frustrating for both staff and the tech team. (In comparison, other chat services we’ve been testing and trialling responded within a few days.)

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. I recognise it is kind that Mattermost offer a generous non-profit pricing option. And I also recognise that Mattermost may have a leaner team with fewer resources than other companies. But I can’t help but feel if we were a fully paying corporate customer, we’d have received a license much more quickly. Which leaves the impression that non-profits are two tier clients.

Update: 63 days (9 weeks) after applying for a non-profit license we haven’t received any news from Mattermost.

There has been no emails or information from Mattermost beyond a copy of the non-profit form submission, that we made on 21 September. Only information has been here, in this thread.