404 page not found


localhost:8011 ( I have changed port from 8065 to 8011) show: 404 page not found

Steps to reproduce

1: in windows cmd shell:
go\src\github.com\mattermost\mattermost-redux use “yarn install”;
change WEBAPP_DIR to webapp’s relative Path use “yarn run dev”
go\src\github.com\mattermost\mattermost-webapp use “yarn install”;
2: in a babun shell: use “npm run run”
3: in another babun shell: use " make run-server"

Expected behavior

render webapp page correct

Observed behavior


Hi @pmdforth! Thank you for reaching out.

Would you be able to help share a link to any instructions that you are following here?


You should do a 301 redirect. It will help you improve the page rank.

I followed the instructions in the some links of developers.mattermost,dot,com /contribute/devtalks/

Eg. Mattermost Dev Talk - Building a Webapp Component, for mattermost-redux to got work,

I uesd “change WEBAPP_DIR” and " yarn run dev"

Right now, it is working after make a soft link; "mklink /J D:\go\src\github.com\mattermost\mattermost-server\client D:\go\src\github.com\mattermost\mattermost-webapp\dist "


In app/web_hub.go, there has a Cluster method called When Publishing messages: a.Cluster.SendClusterMessage(cm) ; But ‘SendClusterMessage’ is just a Interface, can’t find it’s implemention code ; Dose It explain the reason of why It’s need buy Enterprise E Version to use the Cluster (after We have 20000+ clients online )?

Hi @pmdforth!

Here is a link to a doc that might help: https://docs.mattermost.com/deployment/cluster.html (E20) - if it doesn’t help, just let me know!

Thanks for the solution with mklink!!!

thank soft link
!!!this helppp