Adding colors to help follow threaded messages

Taking the theory of osmotic communication (as in the Crystal Agile methodology), we try to keep the team channel as the one place to take conversations.

My team has remote members around the globe, but we want to use mattermost to solve group chat in a way that mimics a more personal team environment.

If we were sat together in a room, we couldn’t talk across each other while working on different issues, we would move to sit with each other in small ‘sub’ teams, all the while not excluding anyone from listening, learning or contributing.

This is mirrored in mattermost using the reply feature, which essentially is a thread.

It would be nice if we could somehow make the different threads more visible, for instance a flash of colour for the current left border of a thread.

Something like this makes it very easy to scroll up and get back to a conversation really easily, and you only need to see one, as you can click on any of the thread messages and the whole thread is there.

I love this tool. Thankyou so much for creating it.

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Thanks @ArchGalileu, really appreciate your feedback!

To keep feature idea discussions in one place, could we have your help:

  1. Contributing this in the feature idea forum so it can be discussed, upvoted and considered for a ticket accepting pull requests?

  2. Posting a link back from the feature idea forum to this thread?

If you’re interested in implementing, please say so and we’ll prioritize the review.

You get 10 votes in the feature idea forum, and each one influences the future of the project.

Seems like there already has been a pull request addressing this change:

The PR was closed in favor of waiting for the 2018 UI overhaul. Seems like the threading visibility has not been improved since then. Should we reopen the pull request to add this functionality to mattermost-webapp?