Mattermost App Menu Notification Missing Colors

Mattermost Desktop Mac App Version 5.1.0 (19937). First one I’ve downloaded through the App store instead of regularly.

The Mattermost icon in the menu bar no longer differentiates between private message/group channel notifications. They used to be red for DMs and blue for group messages. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but as you can see below, every notification is now in white.


If this is indeed a feature, would it be possible to have a setting in the preference menu to revert back to the old style? We have a lot of group messaging and I’m now finding myself having to check it constantly just in case someone actually DM’d me.

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Opened a ticket: [MM-44662] - Mattermost.

The ticket was closed in the pretext of an impossibility due to Apple restriction, but I have the newest version of macOS to date (12.6) and I still have icons with colors in my status bar, so I don’t think it is really prevented by Apple.

In another forum it is claimed that “In macOS status bar, colors other than black are used to highlight and catch user’s attention.”. The dot to warn new messages clearly falls in this category, so it should be allowed according to the statement.

Can you give a link to support the restriction made by Apple, so we can understand better the reason of the problem?