MacOS Desktop App notifications


Notifications for new messages won’t show up on Dock icon even though set in Mattermost settings
Instead they show up in the top system tray (or whatever this is called on MacOS)

Steps to reproduce

MacOS Catalina
Mattermost client v. 4.4.2

Expected behavior

With “Show red badge on Dock Icon…” set in the Mattermost settings I would expect that exactly that happens. An incoming message leads to a red badge on dock icon

Observed behavior

Instead all the user gets is the blue notification at the top. Because this is different from how other apps behave notifications tend to get missed by the user.

What version of Catalina are you on?

Hello, @tomz

Sharing what I am seeing on environment:

In addition to the version of Catalina Mac OS asked by @amy.blais, can you also share how does the desktop notification looks like on your end? What do you mean by blue notification at the top and can you share the screen shot of how it looks like?

Hi @ahmaddanial and @amy.blais, thanks for getting back. I was trying to upload screenshots with my initial post but the forum would not let me add more than one picture, apparently I went for the wrong one :slight_smile:

What my user sees is that the little red dot you show in your screenshot does not show, instead it’s a blue dot next to the Mattermost icon in the top right corner of the screen.
Means Mattermost appears twice on the screen
As part of the dock and as a little icon top right. And notifications show top right instead of in the dock.

The exact version of Catalina is 10.15.4.
And here’s the little dot:

Hello, @tomz

You are welcome. The icon on the dock and menu bar should tally with each other. For example: when the messages in the app is cleared, the icons should be cleared too:

Can the user clear the cache and reload the app before logging out, quitting the app, and log in again to observe the behavior again?

I can confirm that the behaviour reported by @tomz happens to me to on Catalina 10.15.5 / mm client 4.2.1

Ah - the fix!

When someone sent me a Direct Message I then got the Mac system notification asking if I wanted to receive notifications from MM. Allowing this has restored the behaviour of the red dot on the icon on the dock for unread unimportant notifications

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Hi, @Chrisw

That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing the fix. Glad that you were able to have it ironed out on your end.

Thanks a lot guys. I was about to respond to the logout/clear cash proposal above (which didn’t work) when @Chrisw response came in.
Made me test again with my user, well didn’t solve the issue either but apparently the dot changed colour from blue to red. We didn’t get the accept-notification request but had a closer look at the Mac settings and it turned out that it was set to off. Now we not only get the notification but also the number of messages waiting, cool! Case closed :slight_smile:

Thanks again to all involved.

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