Android app notifications don't work just for direct messages

I’m using server version 5.14.2 and the latest Android version of the app. If I send a direct message, it seems to only show a notification if the app is open or recently used, though after it is closed off, notifications no longer work. However, if I post to a public channel, the clients get notifications instantly, even after the app has not been opened in a while.

Why would notifications not work most of the time for direct messages but work 100% of the time when posted to a channel? Thanks.

Hi @binarydad,

Would you be open to sharing more details about your push notification settings in your system console?

Would you be open to getting logs by following this troubleshooting guide:

Hi @binarydad, I’d like to understand the situation a little bit more first. Is this happening to everyone else using an Android device? Also it would be great if you could share some screenshots of the notification settings of your Mattermost Android client so we can check this further.