Apache reverse proxy : Public links in HTTP instead of HTTPS


Public links are in HTTP instead of HTTPS

Steps to reproduce

  • In System console, enable public links
  • Access your instance with secure URL: [https]://my.matter.most/my_team/channels/my_channel
  • post a message with an attachment
  • click to preview the attachment
  • click on “get the public link”

Expected behavior

Public link should be : [https]://my.public.link

Observed behavior

public link is : [http]://my.public.link

Hi @Pafzedog,
what do you have your site URL set to?

hi !

my site URL is set to [https]://my_reverse.host.name

everything I try for now is working great, desktop clients, webui, Android client with push notifications.
just the public link is created without TLS .

I don’t know but perhaps it related with this : https://github.com/mattermost/mattermost-server/issues/8739#issuecomment-387451051

Since I configured Mattermost to work with TLS in system console (with crt and key, etc …) , there is no more error with public links, I think it’s is a bug .