Are push notifications for iOS using `` working?

Hi all,

I set up Mattermost and all is working perfectly despite the mobile notifications. I enabled push notifications on the settings with the push notification server pointing to

I see in the logs that the server is sending a push notification:
2016/04/22 11:03:15 UTC] [DEBG] Sending push notification to xxxx wi msg of 'xxxx sent you a direct message'

but I never get the notification in my iPhone.

Is this supposed to work? How can I debug further?



Hi @andreugrimalt,

Please check:

  1. That you are using the latest version of the Mattermost iTunes on app,
  2. That you’re logged into the right account on your mobile device
  3. That you’re receiving email notifications (enable email notifications and you should get a push notification for the same events you receive via email notifications

Please also check the “About Mattermost” dialog and share your version number here?

The setup you describe should be working, we’re curious what the issue might be.

Hi @it33,

I’m having the same issue since I upgraded to Mattermost 2.2.0.
With v2.1.0, it worked fine but now I have no more notifications on my device.
iOS app is up to date, I logged with the right account (I did try to login / logout) and I’m receiving the mail notification.
However, nothing on my iOS device now.
As @andreugrimalt, I have the “Sending push notification […]” debug message in the log.


Hi @it33,

It sounds like @r2d2leboss and me have similar issues. To answer your questions:

I am using the latest version of the iOS app.
I am logged in into the right account.
I am receiving email notifications.
My Mattermost version number is 2.1.0

Unfortunately I just have no idea of how to debug further…



Hi @r2d2leboss,

Could you solve your issue?

Hi @it33,

Are you aware of anyone else having this issue?



Hi @andreugrimalt

The reports from you and @r2d2leboss are the ones I remember on this specific issue–getting debug message without push notification.

Could you try these instructions?

Thanks for the link! I found out the issue. In order for the notifications to work you have to logout from all the sessions as explained in step 2.1 in

I also stumbled over this, would be great to decide with an Option whether:
a) push notifications are only sent when the user is logged out everywhere (Status quo)
b) push notifications are sent to mobile even when user is currently logged in elsewhere

Probable Use Case: Stil logged in on Desktop in the Office, but being on the road with a smartdevice

I opened up a Feature Suggestion/Request :slight_smile: