Backup from Docker version

Hi, I’ve setup a copy of Mattermost and absolutely loving it. It’s for a community project and I need to make backups of the installation available to other people so if I was to go AWOL they could move to another host.

I can’t for the life of me work out how to access the MySQL database it seems to be using. How can I do that in order to back it up and am I correct in thinking the two things I need to backup are the database and the config.json file?



Hi beatles1,

We don’t really support our docker image as a production environment. But I can tell you the DB is stored within the docker image. I think the docker export command can help you create backups.


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I didn’t realise about docker not being meant for production, I guess the mattermost-dev suggested name makes sense now! I’ve decided to stick with it because people are already signed up and using it though.

For anyone in the future, as I can’t seem to access MySQL inside the docker container I’ve copied the entire /var/lib/mysql/, /mattermost and /config_docker.json directories and files as I’ve been asked to do application level backups. As you say docker can also export images.