Bulk add of custom emojis

Hi all,

Thanks for adding Custom Emoji in Mattermost 3.2.0. However, this can be really long to add a lot of custom emoji.

Do you have any plans to add an API or a mechanism to add custom emojis with a script ?

I found that for Slack : https://github.com/lambtron/emojipacks

Thanks :slight_smile:

Agreed it can be time consuming. We don’t currently have any plans for bulk adding of custom emoji. I’d encourage you to submit a feature idea on our feature idea forum so the community can up vote!

Hi folks! We found out this emojiporter tool to export/import custom emojis and emojipacks from/to Mattermost: https://www.npmjs.com/package/emojiporter

Anybody having experience about emojiporter, does it work etc? Many people in our company are requesting to get Skype emojis to Mattermost but I’d rather not break up our production server and currently we have no development environment to test emojiporter. There is a long list of emojipacks to be imported here: https://github.com/lambtron/emojipacks/tree/master/packs

I tried, but only got “We received an unexpected status code from the server. (404)” (using mattermost 3.10.)

Works like a charm. Just DON´T use a trailing slash in the URL…

Hi Twilek,

Thanks for testing this! Maybe I’ll do the same in our systems some
night. :slight_smile:

25.6.2017, 18.21, Twilek kirjoitti:

Got emojis imported as well. :slight_smile: But does anybody know how to update or delete custom emojis in Mattermost? We plan to change custom emoji background to transparent and thus need to update all custom emojis. Is it just to delete everything under /var/lib/mattermost/emoji folder and then re-import them?

When the user who uploaded it opens the custom emojis menu he can delete the emojis manually one by one. Then you have to re-upload it.

how about we fix the black background while importing transparent gifs bug first

Hmm, seems that those animated emojis are producing lots of processor load on Mattermost linux desktop app. So we might get rid of those completely.

Hi there,

If that can help, I have just written a command-line tool working with the API v4:

At the moment, it does not support the emojipacks YAML files but if you have a directory full of images, it can create custom emojis from them (and delete them the same way).

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There’s a Chrome extension called “Save All Resources” that gives you the browser cache. I wrote a python script to reformat the files and get the emojis here: https://medium.com/@dan.chiniara/how-to-bulk-transfer-slack-emojis-without-admin-privileges-e0eb866770b3

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@djchinia there are packs of these already in the wild, one only needs to find a simple way to add them in mattermost.