Is it possible to delete the default custom emojis?

Hi all,

As per the title, is it possible to delete the default custom emojis that come with the base install of the team edition? Google didn’t find any relevant results, so I thought I’d ask here.

This is what I’m talking about:

No one uses them and they clutter the emoji picker.

I’ve tried the custom emoji tab with a System Admin account but I can only remove user-submitted emoji.
I’ve also tried deleting these emoji image files from /mattermost/client/emoji but this doesn’t remove them from the emoji picker.

I’m starting to wonder if this is even possible - any input is appreciated.
Thanks for reading

Hey there @gitsuppository, I don’t think it is possible to edit or remove the default custom emojis. We do have a feature request for this here :

I’d recommend that you vote for it and leave comments to describe your use case so the dev team can understand how this would benefit users :slight_smile:

Hi, @gitsuppository

On top of @joewai.tye 's recommendation, can you please give the following Ruby script a try as well?

Let me know how it goes on your end. Thanks.

Sure, thanks for your replies. I did see that script, however from what I understand it can only remove user-submitted custom emojis, not the ones that come bundled as default.

This is what I get when I run ./emoji_remove.rb to verify the emoji to be deleted:

If you have any other ideas, or if I got the syntax wrong, let me know.

Thanks for your help :smile: