Custom Emoji or Emoticon Details?

What are the optimal dimensions for custom emoji in Mattermost? I’m finding that even using # to enlarge some, it’s still not quite large enough from what users are used to in other chat systems.

Is there a way to configure the server to make custom emoji and emoticons larger by default and then of course the # could make them even larger?

Hi @ylluminate!

I’m not aware of other methods that can be currently used to make emojis bigger other than with # .

However, there are some feature requests open related to this and we recommend upvoting!

If you’re interested to help implementing, please let us know!

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Hmm. I will look into those. One problem I’m having is the UserVoice system seems to reject my posts and I don’t see any way to contact anyone there for help. I think it’s filtering me out for either my IP or some other reason, but I’ve kinda given up on the UserVoice system somewhat.

But yes, please do let me know if there’s existing discussion anywhere going on about these topics in the repo iusses, PRs or otherwise.