Larger Custom Emoji (Team Server 3.2.0)?


I just upgraded to Team Server 3.2.0 which now supports Custom Emoji (love it).

I added several 128x128 custom emoji images. But when using them in channels, they’re rendering as 20x20 images, which are difficult to see. If they were visible as 32x32, that would be a huge improvement. fyi: I’m on a 15" Macbook Pro with default resolution.

Is there any way to configure the custom emoji rendering size?



Hi @SeanJanis, there’s no way to configure this right now, but we’re open to discussing ideas to see if there’s a solution that could work.

Would you want the setting be for individuals to set which size the emoji displays at, or would it be a setting in the System Console that applies to the whole server?

And would it apply for all emoji, or just for custom emoji?

One of my concerns is that it would be a little strange to have different emoji be different sizes. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

Also as a sidenote, it is currently possible to send larger emoji by using markdown headings, so that might work as a work around:

Thanks for the follow-up.

I would love to see the emoji size applied at the System Console level instead of the Account Settings level. With System Console, it’s more of a cookie cutter for new users and they don’t have to think about setting it, it just would “work.” Maybe longer term, that’s complemented with an Account Settings override, if users want control over the System setting, they could see all their emojis at n x n size. But - that could be overkill.

I didn’t realize the “##” was an alternative. That’s actually a great workaround. Awesome!