[SOLVED] A way to change the default emoji size, rather than using the #

The current default is really small and it’s difficult to make out what many of the emojis are. And doing # on a new line is just a bit of a hassle.

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Hi @Neusaric, Thank you for your suggestion–appreciate your feedback.

Are you thinking we should make the emojis larger when there’s only emojis and no text in a post, like some other messaging apps do?

If so, would you be interested in drafting up a description for a Help Wanted ticket on the issue? If we can get a description of exactly how it should work, we can get the UX team to review the suggestion and then see if there’s a community member who would be interested in working on the feature.

Actually the opposite, I’d like the emojis to be bigger when used in the text. I think about the size of Twitch’s chat emotes would be sufficient. Or just the ability to change the default emoji size in general, at the admin level.

Hi @Neusaric

Thanks for your response.

The current emoji size is designed to not add too much space to the line height when emojis appear within a block of text, but we have heard a couple other people asking for larger ones.

Would you be interested in adding a feature suggestion so others can up-vote it and we can gauge the popularity of the request?


That would be great, though, I don’t think my suggestion is much of a concern.

Hi @Neusaric

Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

Please would you post a link back here to the feature suggestion once you’ve created it on the forum? That way, other people who read this post will be able to go and up-vote it.



Thanks so much @Neusaric!

I’ll close off this issue for now and hope your feature suggestion gains many up-votes!