Black/Brown Emojis

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I see there are white and yellow emojis in MM but not any Black or Brown. Is this something that can be added? Or is it something on the road map that is being developed?


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Hello, @thistweety

Thank you for bringing this up. Can you please confirm if the absence of black / brown emojis that you are referring to is specific to the desktop / web app or the mobile client? Also, can you share how it looks like on your side?

This will help me to channel this request to the respective team. Much appreciated.

I see here that I can choose the color of my emoji. How do you do that on the MM platform?

Hello, @thistweety

While Discourse (the forum’s platform) supports the feature of changing the color of the emoji:

I believe that Mattermost does not have the ability to do so. It just pulls the default emoji color:

Can I please confirm if this is what you are seeing on your side?

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Confirmed. I would like to see this option in Matter Most.

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I do agree with you @thistweety
@ahmaddanial is a feature request in order, or do you think this could be implemented without the need for a request given it’s an endeavor to increasing diversity, per se?

Hi, @thistweety @XxLilBoPeepsxX

Certainly. I have created an internal request to address this to the team. As of now, we are only relying on the custom emoji to expand the ability to configure more emojis apart from the standard ones.

I will see what the dev / engineering team thinks of this.

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Thank you, sounds good, I hope it can be brought to a future release!

On a side note, if I were to create a GitHub repository for Mattermost with different “groups” of emojis for different purposes etc, would that be something that could be posted on this forum, or included in documentation as a resource, etc? Just a thought